The Fruitaflor® flavour laboratory was originally set up in Versailles in 1987. Under the supervision of Messrs Garelli and Hervé, Fruitaflor International was a success and developed an innovative range of flavours for the sweets industry. In 1998 the company moved to Broué, near Dreux (28) into new facilities from where the shipments to Europe and all other destinations were dispatched until 2009.

At the end of the 1990s Fruitaflor also enhanced its abilities to source and distribute raw materials and perfumer bases for Paris’s leading Maisons de Parfum.

At the end of 2009, the old factory of Broué was closed and the company reached a new milestone in its development when it opened a new and modern fragrance and flavour laboratory in Versailles – 13 rue de Limoges. At the same time, the production lines were transferred to the ISO 9001 certified site of Lluch Essence in Barcelona, which holds highest standard of quality in Europe. All shipments have been made from this site since then. This joint cooperation also provides the company with exceptional access to Lluch’s raw material stocks such as the essential oils for which Lluch is the main importer in Europe. This move also gave us a competitive edge over our competitors in terms of price, delivery times and quality.

In July 2011, the reorganisation of Fruitaflor® finalised with the consolidation of the company “Méditerranée Parfums et Arômes” in terms of both activities Perfumes and Flavours: R&D, Sales and Management. The strong link with the CHIMITEX group, specialised in toiletries and hygiene, opened the door to the technical perfume market in the Mediterranean region. This move was later reinforced by the company’s presence at the Dubai Show (Gulf Food), Alger, Barcelona (BTA) and Amsterdam (PLMA).

Today, under the quality brand of FRUITAFLOR®, the company Méditerranée Parfums et Arômes and its license -holders continue to implement this policy of quality and service among their customers.