We seek excellence at every stage of our work, not only in the quality of our products, but also in all aspects of the relationship established with our customers.

We guarantee our customers full confidentiality of all information exchange. They are the result of the efficient and respectful collaboration between our company and our customers.

One of the key points of our industry is the in-depth knowledge of the production technologies whether in our own production facilities (Roxanne machinery) or on our customer’s own production lines. Our customers’ problems are our own. Cooking temperatures, confectionary or bakery recipes, conditions for establishing a brick, or the required pH for fizzy drinks; the complex relationship between our products and the other elements in the paste or gum for confectionary: all these difficult issues are mastered by our teams.

This is why the selection or creation of a flavour is a long process that requires many exchanges between our customer and our laboratory in Versailles. Our mission is to make sure that each story has a happy ending resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Raw material sourcing and quality control is the last but most fundamental step in ensuring not only the best quality of flavours and fragrances, but also its regularity in time. For this reason we have established our own standards of quality control with our suppliers, with the importers, with the farmers and the crops. The raw materials are selected directly in their country of origin and their quality is secured through contracts and quality control.

Our team of perfumers and flavourers is dedicated to its customers, the desire to build a long-term relationship based on respect, regularity of service and product delivery, and a proactive presence among our customers.