Raw materials

Since its creation in 1987 FRUITAFLOR has played a key role in France in the sourcing and the distribution of aromatic raw materials (essential oils, natural raw materials, synthetic raw materials). We share our very extensive dominion of this fascinating area with our customers.

We have acquired internationally recognised experience in selecting, sourcing the finest aromatic ingredients and ensuring their constant quality control.

After more than 25 years, the thousands of references of our library will certainly meet your expectations.


Natural raw material

Essential oils, extracts, absolutes, infusions …. We have a wide range of references for each product. For the most common products we can offer you several qualities ranging from simple commercial quality to the purest oil.

Our headquarters in Barcelona is associated with Europe’s largest essential oil importer. Thus you can benefit from our very original and unique organisation.


Synthetic raw material

We can also provide you with synthetic raw materials that you can use in your own products: camphor, alcohol, acetate, etc.

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