FRUITAFLOR® delivers a wide range of fragrance compounds for various applications : fine perfumery, cosmetics, soaps, candles, room fragrances, detergents...


Our product range is mostly dedicated

to technical applications of perfumes:

Cosmetics: skin care, sun care, soaps and lotions

Specialty cosmetics: straighteners, lightening creams

Airsprays, soaps, candles

High-end health care and home care

Various Industrial applications in chemicals

Fine fragrances

FRUITAFLOR® company has a long history with fine fragrance. As a founding member of the Cosmetic Valley Cluster, the company has pioneered the development abroad of French fine perfumery and cosmetics. Today we are proud to supply the high end Names of Parisian perfumery.

Health care, home care and chemical applications

Perfumes covers the most demanding industries. We work on the perfuming of hygienic applications in hospitals, trains, airplanes; on health in scented wipes, tissues; and many others. All of these applications require a high level of collaboration between chemists and perfumers before achieving the development of the perfect and balanced formula.